Astral Engineering OOD (Ltd)
based in Plovdiv

About us

The company was established in 2000 as Astral-G OOD and was later renamed Astral Engineering OOD (Ltd). It was registered as a full member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, under reg. № І-001044, based on protocol 0023/01.02.2008. The scope of its main activity includes feasibility studies, complete engineering design and construction of industrial, administrative and residential buildings, and infrastructure facilities. Astral Engineering has a resource of qualified engineering and technical staff consisting of architects and engineers with established professional achievements who are available to consult and satisfy even the highest requirements of our clients in the creation of investment projects. We also have available 36 full-time permanent employees and about 20 workers employed under service contracts when needed. All our employees have the required qualification to perform the relevant construction and installation works, and in case new construction technologies are to be used they are always required to pass a proper training for qualification improvement first with the purpose to attain optimal performance quality. We also have at our disposal our own machinery and equipment.


The specificity of works performed by Astral Engineering features a diversity of offered products/services and of materials used, which requires very good personnel qualification and awareness about the modern trends in the application of state-of-the-art materials and technologies. To maintain high quality standard for ensuring and guaranteeing the safety of newly constructed and renovated projects, Astral Engineering has developed and implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of БДС EN ISO 9001:2008 and set quality-related aims for satisfaction of client’s requirements as completely as possible. Every company employee is obliged to comply with and adhere to the established rules and sequence of the activities included in the Quality Management System. The performance and control of such activities was entrusted to highly qualified and properly trained personnel that attends brushing-up and qualification improvement courses at regular intervals. In the course of performance of production activities Astral Engineering always complies with the current national and international standards and regulatory requirements. The management and personally the Managing Director of Astral Engineering are committed to ensure suitable conditions for the effective and efficient functioning and perfection of the Quality Management System in order to pursue the approved quality-related policy and fulfill the obligations assumed with respect to clients. To succeed with the above aims, the quality system and organization of Astral Engineering have been structured in such a way as to enable the exercise of process control and the taking of quality precautions. The management of Astral Engineering has devised this system relying on its staff and in consideration of the duties and responsibilities involved in the production activities. It is a responsibility of the Managing Director of Astral Engineering to implement the quality-related policy and to acquaint the entire staff with it. The quality-related policy is subject to regular inspections for updating and performance assessment that are conducted at least once a year by the Company management.

Environment Protection Policy and Objects

Our main purpose is to manage the processes and work organization in our Company in such a way as to ensure and guarantee protection of the environment. Assuming full responsibility for the development, maintenance and perfection of our Environment Management System (EMS), the Company management states the following basic principles underlying its EM-related policy:

• Definition of the scope of activities and its impacts on the environment – We realize our responsibility and strive to identify as best and as exactly as we can the concerned environmental aspects and the possible risks that may result from our activity;

• Perpetual improvement of activities related to environment protection and prevention of pollution – it is a main object of the EMS that could be achieved by continuous monitoring of the process flow, by minimizing the risk of pollution, and by effective and efficient perfection of the results in terms of environment management.

• Compliance with current legislation – the Company management undertakes to apply the current legislative regulations and other requirements concerning environment protection;

• Documentation, implementation and maintenance – the Company management undertakes to ensure the required documentation, implementation and maintenance of the EMS;

• Disclosure and public involvement - the Company management shall disclose the EM-related policy and its objects and shall attain to ensure the suitable conditions that could stimulate Company employees to participate actively and take initiative in the performance of activities. The Company management considers human resources to be its most valuable resource. By managing their fitness, motivation and satisfaction, the Company management is trying to create propitious conditions for people to dedicate their efforts to the pursuit of Company set object related to environment management;

• Accessibility of policy – all employees shall have access to the policy and further the policy can be made available to each person or public authority at any time upon request;

• Procedural, systematic and factual approach - the internal operative rules of the Company were established as a result of the action of interrelated mainstream and additional processes that are taken and managed as a system and not individually. Decisions and actions are based on objective facts and data. The Company management undertakes to deliver high quality of its products and services although not by all means but only in strict compliance with all legislative regulations concerning environment management and guaranteed environment protection. The Company management guarantees that:

• It has the required resources to develop, implement and maintain an Environment Management System;

• It undertakes to ensure that the implemented Environment Management System shall function in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001:2004.